Saturday, November 19, 2011

Joy and Noel Blocks

It feels like forever since I have been able to post, and I guess it has.  It all started a few weekends ago when our scenic little ski town was hit with 19" of snow.  Really, that is not that much snow for us, but we usually don't get snow when all of the leaves are still on the trees.  Have you ever tried Trick or Treating with that much snow???  We went days without power, but we were lucky enough to be taken in by my sister and her family.  Once the power finally came back it was time to play catch up on the laundry and housework!  Then came all of the end of the season sports and marching band festivities, two of the kids' birthdays, and well, it is now November 19th!!!
I was in HomeGoods this past week and found 2 sets of 5 wooden blocks for only $2 per set.  No wonder they were so cheap...they had the word HOUSE on them in an ugly blue font with an even uglier background.  I gave them a makeover by recovering them with paper from the Close To My Heart Believe paper packet.  Using the Art Philosophy cartridge, I cut out my desired letters at 2.75" with the real dial size selected.  I embellished with some of the pretty snowflakes 1.5" and some holly leaves 1.25" cut with my Cricut and the Art Philosophy as well.  I added some bling and baker's twine for the finishing touches.  I ended up with 3 sets of words and they were so easy to put together with the Art Philosophy cartridge.

I think that they would be perfect gifts for teachers or neighbors.  Remember to always look beyond the obvious and visualize what some "ugly" blocks might become!


  1. such cute blocks! i like the JOY one best!!!! such a great idea
    hope you'll visit my blog,

  2. These are the cutest. I just love that you took something ugly and mad it beautiful and useful. Way to go.I will try to do the same because they are so lovely. Great idea.

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  4. Those are lovely! One of my treasured Christmas decorations is a set of "NOEL" blocks, from a craft show 25+ years ago. Every year, my son rearranges them (when I'm not watching) to say "LEON". I put them back, he does it again, etc. Now it is a fun game and I love that at age 27, he still has fun with it.