Friday, April 5, 2013

Paper Flower Twirling Instructions

I thought that today I would post a little tutorial on twirling the paper flowers that you can cut out with the Close To My Heart Art Philosophy and Artiste cartridges.

1.  Lightly spritz the flower cut out using a spray bottle.  This is my own little secret - the paper will dry quickly and this allows the paper fibers to loosen a little.  It will be much easier to twirl and create a more lifelike flower this way.  Don't have a spray bottle, don't worry!  Dampen the flower with your finger after dipping it in water, it works, trust me.

2.  Look at your flower.  There will be a little tail on the outside that starts the spiral. There will also be a big base at the center of the flower. You will want to begin twirling that little "tail" piece around something such as a q-tip with the cotton removed from one end.  Twirl that spiral until you come to the base.  Remove the q-tip.  Your flower will sit upon this base.

3.  Apply glue to the base, and attach the spiral that you have twirled.  If you have used a tacky glue, you should be able to adjust the size of your flower by tightening or loosening the spiral at this point.  Hold the spiral down gently until the flower sets.

4.  For the finishing touches, glue a bead, button or bling in the center of your flower to finish it off.  
You may also want to curl down the petals of the flower to create a more natural look.  It is completely up to you.

5.  Apply a bobby pin, a pin back or any sort of hairpin that you desire to the back of the flower using a really strong glue.

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