Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What to get the In-laws????

I have finally solved one of life's biggest mysteries!!!  What to get the in-laws that have everything.  They don't need any more silly clutter, and K Cups are kind of boring lol!  It couldn't be easier really.  Want in on my secret?  Here's the story..
My in-laws moved all the way to Florida nearly 10 years ago.  We don't get to see them that often, and our 4 kids are growing up so quickly.  At times, it can be nearly a year between visits.  So, from now on, I am providing them with a means to keep up with the kids while simultaneously providing them with something to brag about with their fellow Villagers.  My gift to them arrives on their doorstep, with $5.95 flat rate shipping. 
 Any guesses? 
I have decided to create Studio J layouts that they can put into the scrapbook that I bought for them.  They can show it off to their friends whenever they want.  This batch of layouts features our 2013 trip to Disney, where they spent some time with us. 
First up is a layout of my husband and his brother and some of the (grand)kids...

The second layout features my in-laws, Carol and Ed, along with my husband and four kids...
The last layout I will share with you is my favorite, and not because I am in it!  It is more the memory that it holds for our family.  You see, Carol and Ed aren't nearly the Disney Fanatics that we are.  They drove down to have dinner at O'Hana with us.  Guess what?  They loved the food, atmosphere, and family experience.  I won't say they caught the Disney bug, but I think they might now understand what brings us back year after year.
Would you like to create your own layouts?  Interested in giving some as gifts like I have done?  You can begin by going to my website and creating an absolutely free, no strings attached account.  There are countless CTMH paper packs and patterns to customize your own layouts.  Here is the link:
Each two paged layout is only $6.95 to purchase, and 4 to 50 of them ship for a flat rate of only $5.95.

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