Thursday, September 8, 2011

R U Ready for Something SPOOKY?

Alright!  Then let's start here.  Get out your CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.  You will need to use the rectangle8 font layer to cut out 6 borders out of Black CTMH cardstock.  Use the fit to page option to make them 2" wide.  I had no luck just setting the dial to 2", it does not work for me, so this is my work around.  Score through the middle of the straight vertical lines as well as the imaginary line beginning with the points along the top edge.  Pretend you are making a paper fan and fold back and forth along these score lines.  Use a thin bead of glue to join the two ends.  You should have something that looks like the photo below.  Let it dry completely.

Next, gently push down on the points that were at the top of your border image, which then creates the perfect Halloween rosette.  I carefully place a glue dot on both the top and bottom of my rosette center to keep it together.

Cut  out of Sunset CTMH cardstock six Circle 2 pieces at 1.5" each.  Cut out six Olive CTMH cardstock Circle 2 pieces at 1.75".  I prefer to ink my pieces, but that is my personal choice.  Layer these pieces together.

Cut the out the letters to spell the word "spooky".  I used the shift font layer option set at 1", and I knew that they had to be immediately dressed with CTMH Sparkles in light green.  I layered all of the pieces together, along with the Halloween rosette, as shown below. 

Using CTMH black hemp, I looped the rosettes together, hiding the knot in the back of the rosette.  Tie olive ribbon bows to dress up the hemp.

 And here you have the finished project all strung together.  You could even string yours horizontally if that fit your space better.  So, I have added another 3D element to your Art Philosophy cartridge that I bet you didn't even know that you had on it!!!  If you would like to purchase the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, or any of the supplies used in this project, you can shop with me by clicking here.


  1. OH!!!! I love the way you made a lacey rosette to go behind the letters! This is a fabulous idea! Your project is fantastic! I am a new follower and just pinned your project on my Pinterest board so I won't forget this! Just love it!

  2. Spectacularly spooky! I so have to try this! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Sharon

  3. You really go outside of the box! I love your designs! When you say that you want the shape to be 2", is that the long way or the short way? Can I do it on my Gypsy?


  4. Sharon, I tried to set the dial to a 2" height, figuring it would be about 11.5" long or so. It wouldn't work, but hitting fit to page did. So, you would make it as long as could be on your gypsy. My gypsy screen broke so it is on its way to Utah for repairs, so I can't look to see if there was a fit to page type option on it. HTH.

  5. Hi Andrea,

    I gave you a blog award, go to my blog to read about it.

  6. more great ideas! Thanks. U are opening my creative horizons

  7. How do u think of these projects. I can hardly wait to make this one for my friend Judi who is wild about Fall.